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Now that I am leaving my company after 27 years, it’s time to recap. Please send me your honest feedback

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  1. Mr. Volker is a master and world class mentor having expertise and master class in VE CE ,Electronics Cost Rationalizations filed he has guided us at every step and made our life easy doing integrations and enhancing the user friendly processes ,tools ,He is an asset to company ,country and world .where ever he will be we can leverage his skills and knowledge to bring more delight to customer with competitive offerings
    Best of luck !!!!

  2. Volker is a highly professional Engineer, the best CE/VE leader I’ve been working with during my 15 years of Honeywell. He delivered some many great process improvements that I already lost tracking the number of these. I would be happy to recommend him for any CE/VE related position, I can guarantee he will do a fantastic job!

  3. I first met Volker in 2009, Within this 13 years period, I am very impressive for his great professional and big energy! I am sure he will deliver big value to his future customers.

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