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[EN] Did you clean your electronic data already – and why you should

First: What is bad electronic components data?

Simply a misspelled electronic part number or manufacturers name

Why should you do it?  – or IMHO: why is it absolutely mandatory?

Only if your spelling is correct, big systems like SiliconExpert, Z2Data or AM-SYS are able to give you all this valuable information about your components, such as:  

  • Lifecycle (maybe it’s going obsolete soon and you shouldn’t miss a last time buy, not only in black Friday). 
  • Budgetary price:  Is your current dealer ripping you off?
  • Available sourcesn case you’re having trouble getting your parts in time
  • Alternatives: for both getting parts in time as well as for better pricing on alterantive parts
  • Compliance information:  Are your parts ROHS III compliant, California Prop65 …
  • And soooo much more.

I know it doesn’t feel like acting as the shining hero. BUT, believe me

  • It is doable in less time that you might estimate
  • It pays off faster than doing NPI – well I can almost hear you disagreeing. Happy to have a chat with you on this, sharing my 15 years of experience doing it for a couple of companies.
  • Everybody in your company will appreciate that you made his or her life so much easier: compliance engineers, buyers, production people, NPI engineers

And what if you say: “Too much work, too little time”?

Simple: Call me. I will convince your management and then help you hands-on.

Fun fact: AI made the picture. What are your thought: how can AI help in Component & Value engineering. Looking very much forward sharing ideas with all of you.

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